Taking care of the environment is important, each coffin is biodegradable and uses entirely sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

The Base

Cornish Willow Coffins uses a solid Pine base joined together without the need for glue.


Willow is either grown here at Burntwood with a zero carbon footprint or sourced locally. Willow¬†has been used to make baskets for centuries; it is a sustainable crop, easy to propagate, fast growing and flexible. Harvesting takes place during the winter months during which time the willow can be woven ‘green’ before it has dried out. At this time the colour of the bark is at it’s most vivid. During the summer months when the Willow has dried out the colours of the bark change to more subdued hues.

Other Materials

Cornish Willow Coffins is developing the use of other sustainable crops such as Hazel and dogwood.

100% biodegradable plastic is used to line the coffins along with a cotton calico liner and pillow.

Finally a solid wooden plaque is made to adorn the lid of each coffin with name, date and a few chosen words.