Cornish Willow Coffins

Cornish Willow Coffins is a small business offering bespoke wicker caskets. All of our coffins are made using traditional weaving techniques and natural materials.

Located on the edge of Bodmin Moor, artist and basket maker Jessie Carr works directly with families and loved ones to create personal unique caskets.  Jessie works alongside Pentiddy natural burials and harvests the beautifully coloured willows from their community woodland to be used in her products. 

“Having suffered losses myself I can relate to the grieving process and understand the importance of the funeral and final resting place of the beloved”  Jessie Carr.



Willow colours vary depending on the seasons and availability. There are many colour combinations to choose from and Jessie is happy to discuss the options with you.

Each casket is lined with natural cotton and small pillow. A solid oak plaque is engraved to furnish the lid, this can include a few words from the family.

“Thank you for making the most wonderful coffin, everyone commented on how beautiful it was”   Barbara Lock.



Here at Cornish Willow Coffins we are constantly striving to reduce our carbon footprint. Much of the willow is grown locally, harvested from Pentiddy Natural Burials or sourced from the Somerset levels. To help reduce our carbon footprint further we are increasing our own production of this amazing crop.

Willow (Salix)

Willow is easily propagated, regenerates annually and increases it’s yield every year. This makes it a completely sustainable, carbon absorbing crop. It also loves waterlogged ground making it ideal for growing in the south west!

Other Materials

Cornish Willow Coffins is developing the use of other sustainable crops such as Hazel.

100% biodegradable plastic is used to line the coffins along with a cotton calico liner and pillow.

Finally a solid wooden plaque is made to adorn the lid of each coffin with name, date and a few chosen words from families.


Cornish Willow Coffins

Telephone   01579 363523/ 07467023384


Burntwood, Golberdon road, Pensilva, Liskeard, Cornwall PL14 5RN