About Us

Introducing Jessie Carr 

Nature is at the heart of everything I do, whether it’s weaving willow, painting plants, gardening or just spending time immersed in the natural world. I’m extremely lucky to live and work on the edge of Bodmin Moor. Located close to Pentiddy Natural Burials and it’s through them I decided to learn to weave coffins.  Basket making started as a hobby when my youngest was a baby but soon became my passion leading on to weaving for a living. I find it an honour and a privilege to provide families with this service. The coffin is a very important part of the funeral service; it is the central focus, the final resting place for our beloved.


Willow is an amazing material to work with, it is strong, flexible and totally sustainable. It has been used to weave with since the stone age. Harvested annually during the winter months it can grow to 10 feet or more in one season and comes in a wide array of natural colours. It can either be used fresh during the winter months or it can be dried out to be used later in the year by soaking in water to make it pliable to weave with again.